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I discovered tufting a year ago and since then I find it hard to do anything else. After years of painting with paint, it was wonderful to find a technique that is both physical and very soft and that allows me to paint with wool. Tufting opened up a world full of color and making fun that I like to share in my workshops. For me it is almost therapeutic, but it also produces very beautiful works. I myself make soft tapestries and rugs full of colour, I give tufting workshops in which you have mastered the basics of tufting within a day so that you can continue working at home. I also rent out my studio and materials, in case you would like to do more tufting after a workshop, but do not yet want to purchase all materials yourself. Finally, I also like to make custom work.  Then I listen to your ideas for a specific shape, color or design and make sure it becomes a rug.

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